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We see ourselves multiplying in abundance and opportunity with our investees. 

We believe in sustainable development initiatives, social impact and value creation. 

We are dedicated to the growth of South Africa. 

Acumen Resized


"Acumen software is a consultancy and asset management & workforce management software solutions provider established in 2006. Acumen provide mobile software solutions for asset management and workforce management to organisations with dispersed and distributed assets, taking complex arrays of scenarios and providing a simple mobile management solution in response. 

Alongside specialised asset management systems and workforce management software, Acumen specialise in the creation of mobile software solutions to fit our customer’s asset management and workforce management needs. 

Acumen’s combined expertise in business enables us to provide world-class business consulting and advisory services. Strategy development, business case development, benchmarking & best practices and financial projections are just a selection of potential services within our asset and workforce management software."

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